Tips for Writing a Good Thesis Statement

Before you start to do any actual essay writing, you should start with writing a good thesis statement. This is the stand you take on the topic and states whether you intend to argue for or against it. Some writers have the idea for a thesis statement in mind and start writing without actually putting it into words. This is not a good writing practice because a good thesis statement has to be presented in the introductory paragraph of your paper.

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Why You Need to Write a Good Thesis Statement

When you put your thesis statement into words then you have the general idea in place that will direct the rest of your writing. You should test out the ideas first to ensure that you make it as strong as possible. This will help you determine what it is you plan to achieve in the essay and will give your instructor or supervisor the premise of what your research is about. Writing a good thesis statement directs the reader in the direction you want him/her to take right from the beginning.

Steps to Take in Writing a Good Thesis Statement

You really need to have a good base of knowledge about the topic before you start writing. Thesis statement writing will help determine the focus of your essay and keep it uppermost in your mind. This will help you stay on topic.

  1. Write a good thesis statement that can stand on its own as the basis of your essay. From reading this statement, it is easy to determine what your arguments and conclusion will be.
  2. You should concentrate on writing a thesis statement that educators will have an opinion about and be able to judge the stand you take in your writing.
  3. The content you use when writing a good thesis statement should be specific rather than drawn out. It should get to the point and in this way your good thesis statement will determine the parameters of the body of the essay.
  4. Writing a good thesis statement means that you should emphasize the main points you want to stress in the paper itself.

By having a good thesis statement to start with, you will stay on track and not introduce new ideas or topics in the body of the writing. Such a practice should be avoided at all costs because it will cause you to receive a lower grade.