Thesis Statement Outline

No one can deny that writing a thesis statement is very difficult to do. There are certain aspects of this statement that are true regardless of the type of essay that you are writing. Therefore using a thesis statement outline will certainly make it a lot easier for you to come up with a strong thesis statement that will stand out.

When you write a thesis statement, you essentially express your opinion about the topic of your essay. It forms the crux of the introduction and should be no more than two complete sentences. If you can state the thesis in one sentence, then this would be the best option. One thing you have to sure of is that you do state your opinion in the thesis statement outline.

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Features of a Thesis Statement

When constructing a thesis statement, there are common features that you have to remember whatever thesis statement outline you use:

  1. It has to be specific. It should never be broad or open-ended.
  2. You have to limit it to the arguments or main points that you are making in the essay.
  3. You should never have conflicting ideas when you write a thesis statement.

Making a Thesis Statement Outline

You will find an easy thesis statement formula when you use an online tool known as the Thesis Statement Builder. This tool has everything you need for creating a thesis statement outline. It takes all the hard work out of formulating the statement on your own. You simply follow the steps on the screen and a statement will be generated for you.

You do have to do the preparatory work in using a thesis statement outline when forming a thesis statement outline. The first thing you have to do is come up with a topic for your essay – not a title – a topic. It could be the topic you have been assigned or one that you want to research and write about. Now think about your opinion on this broad topic. Do you agree or disagree? What arguments do you have to support your opinion? These are the questions that you will answer as you complete the thesis statement outline.

When writing an essay you do have to show that you are aware of the other side of the issue. As part of the thesis statement outline you will have to enter an opposing viewpoint because in the essay you will show how this argument is faulty. Once you complete all these part of the thesis statement formula you can enter a possible title. The tool will then generate a thesis statement for you.