Correct Thesis Statement Format

There are two different styles of thesis statement format for you to choose from. While both are correct, the right format for you is often determined by the college you attend or the instructor for the course. Their guidelines for both the APA and the MLA thesis formats are easy to follow to help you become the perfect thesis statement creator with a strong statement of what you intend to argue for or present in your paper.

If you want your paper to be at the highest level and beyond competition – APA and MLA thesis literature review will always help you in achieving that dream!

Comparison of APA Format Thesis Statement and That of MLA Style

There is no one special thesis statement format for either of these styles of writing. That is because they are just that – writing styles. Each one has specifications such as:


  • the font should be12-point. Acceptable fonts in APA thesis statement writing include Courier New, Times New Roman, and Arial. The margin should not be more than one inch. In the APA style, there are five different heading styles you can use, but you should only use two and never more than three different styles in the same paper. You should have a separate title page at the beginning of the paper with no other words than that of the title.


  • there is no need for a separate title page because there is a format for introducing the title on the first page of the paper when you use the MLA thesis statement format.

Therefore you don’t have to worry about the style of writing when you look for the correct thesis statement format for your paper.

Coming up with a Correct Thesis Statement Format

Once you have the research in place or a list of arguments to support your position on an issue, you can choose either MLA format thesis statement writing or use the APA style – whichever one you are supposed to use for your class. To get started the best thing to do is to pose the stand you intend to take on the topic of the paper in the form of a question. This will help you generate a correct thesis statement format using an online thesis statement builder.

The answer to the question you pose to yourself when finding the perfect format for your thesis will be one that you intend to defend in the body of the writing as well as proceed with English grammer check or choosingthesis statement creator. It will be the conclusion that you intend to reach and convince the reader of throughout the paper by proving this to be the case with the supporting evidence you present.

Rely on our useful tips and be ready to have a correct thesis statement format with our help!